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Gentle to Moderate

Monday at 9am

This class is for beginner and ongoing students who would like to focus on learning and refining, both active and restorative, yogic postures with the use of props. This practice will build strength, increase flexibility, center the mind, and enhance energy flow. Each student will be given personalized instruction and modifications for injuries when needed, as we work towards body alignment and awareness in movement.

$15 or see Sign-up for options


Tuesday at 9am

Friday at 9am

This class is for continuing yoga students who wish to challenge their stamina, strength and flexibility. This practice will generally flow from posture to posture, following various intelligent sequences, maintaining breath awareness and occasionally use props. Modifications, adjustments and precise alignment cues guide the student to mindfully move into more advanced poses, inversions, and backbends.

$15 or see Sign-up for options

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Thursday Evening Yoga
6pm -7:30 at Bridge Studio
In Person at 100 Waterman Drive, South Portland

  • Feb 23  Yoga for a Good Night's Sleep 

  • March 9  Restorative Yoga

  • April 27  Immune Support Yoga

  • May 25  Yoga for Emotional Balance

  • June 22  Digestive Aid Yoga

  • July 27  Yoga to Help Alleviate Migraines

  • August 24  Sequence to Help with Mental Fatigue

Please note:

Both the Monday and Friday morning yoga classes remain online, but the weekly Tuesday and monthly Thursday evening classes are in person at Bridge Studio.


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