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Working one on one is an opportunity to direct all of Melora's body knowledge on your specific concerns. After assessing your needs and goals, we will develop a plan for helping you feel better physically. Some issues that have been helped in the past are postural misalignment, chronic muscular tightness/weakness, plantar fascitiis, psoas imbalance, pelvic discomfort, frozen shoulder, neck pain, rotator cuff injury, sciatica, tension, and pulled muscles. 


Private lessons work for those who may find difficulty scheduling into a regular class as well as for those with individual concerns. Or a group can hire Melora for a fun and unique family Yoga or Yamuna Body Rolling® party, a work teambuilding event, or a friends social gathering. Melora enjoys creating wonderful experiences for these types of group events.


For more information or to schedule a private lesson or group class, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or e-mail Melora at


During my 20's I traveled Europe, was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania, and spent a couple of years in New Zealand, where my daughter was born. Returning to the US in 1989, I moved to Maine and was looking for a path to support myself and my child. I went to a free yoga class, with Elaine McGillicuddy, which I recall feeling like I floated out of, and knew I had found my passion. I gratefully apprenticed under Elaine at her studio, Portland Yoga Studio, and began teaching there in 1993. Later, when Elaine retired, I owned the studio for almost 5 years.


I am also thankful to have studied with master yoga teachers such as BKS Iyengar Master Teacher Patricia Walden of Boston, Gabriel Halpern of Chicago, Peentz Dubble of Vermont, and Doug Keller of Maryland. 'Grandmothered' into becoming a registered instructor with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 in 2002, I continue my studies and keep my E-RYT in good standing. Most recently I have been taking seminars in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and developing yoga classes for seniors.


It has been my pleasure to not only be able to follow my passion for teaching yoga full-time, but to have been asked to be the yoga teacher for many week-long retreats to beautiful places. I have taught yoga at castles in Italy, on beaches in Costa Rica, in the jungle of Belize, and on Maine's own Monhegan Island.


In 2017, in collaboration with Lisa Walker, who is now Associate Dean in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at USM, was then Director of the Women and Gender Studies Program, we developed and co-taught a cutting edge course entitled, Yoga and Feminism. As adjunct professor in this course, we address the intersection of yoga with feminist issues: gender, race, cultural appropriation, trauma, body image, stress, de-colonization, and social activism. We are still offering this course, as the current climate is catching up with these topics.

Also in 2017, I joined a local non-profit, Sea Change Yoga, which offers weekly free yoga classes to underserved populations, in correctional facilities, recovery centers, and immigrant community centers. Sea Change also teaches yoga at homes for adults with unique learning differences and for 'at-risk' youth centers, both of which I enjoyed teaching. For 2 years prior to this I volunteered to teach yoga classes for women who have been sexually assaulted through the program, SARSSM, Sexual Assault Response Services for Southern Maine.

Back in 2003, I discovered Yamuna Body Rolling®. This bodywork achieves the therapeutic benefits of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, bone stimulation and the creation of space in the joints. I feel the positive effects of Yamuna Body Rolling® for myself, and observe the healing in others as they try it.


I travelled to New York in 2009 to certify in Yamuna Body Rolling® Level 1 and 2, and then began teaching this modality to a rapidly expanding student base in Maine. This inspired me to continue my training in the YBR Foot Fitness Certification in 2011, and the YBR Advanced Ball Certification in 2012, both of which I took with the founder of the practice, Yamuna Zake. I remain in good standing by recertification every other year in topics such as; Pelvic Floor fitness, Organ Support and Deep Hip Work.


I am currently teaching weekly classes in yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling® at Bridge Studio at Art of Awareness in South Portland, a fully trauma informed studio, within the trauma therapy practice. I also teach Yamuna Body Rolling® at UNE and IDEXX. I also give workshops at various yoga studios around the Greater Portland Area and teach private lessons which are geared towards addressing each individuals' specific concerns.


All Yamuna Body Rolling® balls and foot/hand wakers can be purchased at any of my classes.




Hi Melora–You seemed genuinely surprised that I remembered your story about how the teacher told her students that it was not the bars that keep the tiger in its cage, but rather the space in between. I hear everything you say, and it makes a difference…has made a difference…in my life. It seems important for me to tell you what an amazing teacher…amazing person…you are. I’ve been meaning to tell you that for the past couple of weeks, but never had the chance. Thank you for everything always. Om shanti and namasté - John


“Though Melora’s inspired teaching, I am feeling an increase in strength, greater flexibility, and even more important, a deepening sense of wholeness.  Her clear instruction, variety and sequencing of poses, gentle manner and sense of humor create a safe atmosphere in which to learn and develop,  I am delighted by a subtle, yet profound, sense of well-being resulting from these classes. - K. Boldt


Hi Melora, Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED  Monday’s class!  The shoulder openers were just great and it was thrilling for me to be able to get up into Pinchamayarasana (forearm balance).  I used to do that pose, but haven’t practiced it in a while and with my recently broken wrist,  I’d been feeling discouraged about my yoga practice, so it was great to be able to do it – the support of the blocks really helped.  Anyway, it was a great class.  Thank you! - Eleanor


Just wanted to say thanks for the class last night.  I appreciated your efforts to tailor what we did to each of our issues.  My hip is much more mobile and less uncomfortable today from just the one yoga session. - Lynn B.


I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Friday class.. as always.  Seems to be enhanced by your thorough and detailed guidance. You are a great teacher and its beautiful to watch you do what you love and so so well. - Berry



Hi Melora, It was great to see you! Thank you SO much for last night’s Yamuna session. I can’t believe how much better my shoulder feels & the tingling in my hand had stopped. Jean

I emailed a client after doing the foot waker work how her feet felt? Her reply, "SO GREAT. I used the foot wakers again this morning and then went on a long walk, and it was like I had new feet. It’s hard to describe, but they really did feel...awake! Thank you so much! 

Upon the recommendation of my physical therapist who had been to Melora's class, I tried Yamuna Ball rolling to help with a hip issue. I spent an hour in a private session with Melora.  She isolated the area that would most likely give me relief. We worked with a gold ball; the area was excruciatingly sensitive but I stuck with it as long as I could.  I bought a ball and repeated the exercise at home.  After the second session, I could do the exercise completely pain free and my hip joint has opened up considerably.  My PT and I are very impressed.


Just wanted to let you know that I feel a million times better today! I felt better after class but I still did roll on the ball as you suggested. RP

Hi Melora –John and I really enjoyed your class yesterday and we are both now hooked on rolling.  I used the balls again last night and then this morning before continuing on with my day and John had them on his legs and calves first thing this morning. I can say that I can feel a difference but also know I have a long way to go in unwinding some chronic patterns and long held tightness.


The foot walkers have been a lifesaver for my plantar fascia(sp?) so pass that along.  All good wishes - Sally


I’m happy to report that I felt much better after our session and continue to improve with weekly exercises. I would say my pain has decreased 75% which is great!. GSV

I just want to let you know how beneficial your classes have been for me. I live with chronic back pain caused by 7 degenerate disks. From a medical stand point there is nothing  they can do for me so for the last 10 years I have not only had to live with the pain but also the depression that accompanies it and the limitations. I must say I was worried that trying this would have put me in crisis mode but  nothing could have been further from the truth. I was able to notice a vast difference after the first class. I forgot how it feels to feel fluid again. I feel light on my feet and flexible for the first time in many years. I am a true believer and will be doing these classes whenever I have a chance to. I have only been to 3 classes but I was sold on the first one…..I feel great. Thank you - Jeff N.


Hi Melora, Yesterday (in desperation!) I started doing the body rolling routine for the lower back and sacrum using the 2 indigo balls. I did it twice yesterday and twice today so far. It’s amazing!! Pain is very much decreased!! I’m very encouraged and will continue to do it several times a day. Thank you for teaching me how to use body rolling for my current issues. I’m stunned how much difference it could make. - L.L.


I loved the body rolling class. I want to get a second set of indigo balls to give my stepson who has tight calves (he who has ruptured both his Achilles tendons in the past). Last night I had leg cramps and they went away immediately when I applied the balls to a couple of spots.  This is good news for those of us who have searched for a remedy for leg cramps! Hooray! - C. V.


I hope you have felt my gushing gratitude coming from my home to yours as I practice the body rolling. The neck and shoulder class were a breakthrough for me. Interestingly, when I left the class I still had tightness under my left shoulder blade and above it. I kind of gave up on it, thinking that nothing would relieve it. But in the morning I awoke and it was gone and there was freedom in that shoulder!! I was smiling all day knowing there was a cure! - J. M.


I was diagnosed with full thickness cartilage loss in both hips.  After all other options explored including a cortisone injection, my left hip was still so painful that I expected to have the hip replaced.   Being fairly young, I wanted to postpone this final option as long as possible so at the recommendation of my colleagues at work, I went to Melora for Yamuna rolling. After a 90 min private session, I was sold!  I walked out of the class literally pain free.  Two days later, I have some minimal pain but Melora has taught me how to work with rolling to keep on top of it. Thank You!! - Erin


Hi Melora,  The core work at Karen’s Saturday accomplished some wonderful improvement in a nagging low back issue.  Put me on your mailing list! Thank You! - Barbara D.


Hi Melora,  The new indigo ball shoulder class broke my carpal tunnel syndrome pattern!  As a performing musician there was never enough rest for me to relieve the constant use of shoulder-arm-hand.  After working with my own bag of tricks and having only intermediary relief, I was at my wit’s end and in extreme pain.  During that one session the spell was broken and I am now able to play even more than before.  PS. The breath class last night was great, as usual, that class is the icing on the cake. - Mer, Body Roller & Musician


“I only reluctantly began Yamuna Body Rolling (like, who needs yet another health gimmick??) several years ago, as you probably know. I was amazed at how it addressed my back strain, hip, muscle, etc. issues. I’ve seen it “cure” body damaged friends who have not found relief through many other very expensive options. I keep hearing amazing accounts and I keep doing it because I shovel a huge parking lot all winter and carry 60lb boats all summer and plan to continue to do so for another couple decades or so. - B


Hi, Melora, I just wanted to let you know that I use the foot balls every day.  At least once down the outside line daily, more when I have more time.  It makes a huge difference!  I am no longer in pain walking!   Thanks, thanks, thanks! - Sally


My first two experiences with Yamuna Body Rolling® were two days apart. First focusing on “Leg Attachments” and then “Deep Hip Release”. The “Leg Attachments” instantly left me feeling taller, lighter and more balanced. The “Deep Hip Release” was profound! After about 5 years of hip pain from tension and congestion between my low back and upper leg, I immediately felt relief and have experienced no pain since. I’m a believer!” - A.F, Yoga teacher & athlete


I am writing to say how much I really benefit from using those balls!! I decided to expand the time between my maintenance chiropractic visits from 1 to 2 weeks, as I felt the body rolling has really helped. Well, at the 2 week visit, I had no alignment problems even though I had started back with the ‘winter routine’ of swimming, which can tighten me up initially, and some indoor rowing.  However, I try to do the back/shoulder sequences the best I can remember, and it feels very good! - Becky


The Yamuna hips and legs class last week was very effective.  I can honestly say I have never before sat comfortably on the floor.  Two hours of guided rolling and it is perfectly comfortable.  Amazing! - Jeannine


Melora, the Hand Wakers were wonderful.  I could feel “years of age melting off my hands”.  Do you offer private yoga/ body rolling instruction? - Patrick Russell, Videographer


Hi Melora,  I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how important those core strength exercises have become for me!!  Since the class, I started doing them faithfully 2-3 times/week, mixing it up with my other morning stretch/yoga.  We started actively bike riding 2 weeks ago and it really helped there as the usual ‘spots’ that might be noticeable in both the hips and midline were not there.  Last weekend I biked a total of 53 miles – 15 and 38 – and on Monday felt Great! I’m up to doing about 75 -90 of those reverse crunch things – the ones w the ball under the sacrum for support, about every 3rd day.  I decided to stop going to the chiropractor every other week because those back rolls, where you go one vertibrae at a time, really take care of the alignment issues. I also notice it walking the dog, as if I’m no longer favoring one side, for lack of a better way of explaining it.  It’s pretty amazing!  Thanks for your knowledge and expertise! - B. B.


My hands felt very tired after Tuesday’s hand awakeners, but I noticed the flexibility more the next day.  My palm feels more open and movements feel like they take a little less effort.  My fingers feel tight but my palm and wrist feel great. - Maria Wagner, Clarinet Musician


OMG! My body feels great this morning! My hand did not go numb last night! I can’t even believe that! I am almost hesitant to say that because who knows what tomorrow will bring, however, for today I am feeling grateful and pain free! Can I get a yellow ball ASAP? - Anonymous

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