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A Tailored Approach

Working one on one is an opportunity to direct all of Melora's body knowledge on your specific concerns. After assessing your needs and goals, we will develop a plan for helping you feel better physically. Some issues that have been helped in the past are postural misalignment, chronic muscular tightness/weakness, plantar fascitiis, psoas imbalance, pelvic discomfort, frozen shoulder, neck pain, rotator cuff injury, sciatica, tension, and pulled muscles. 


Private lessons work for those who may find difficulty scheduling into a regular class as well as for those with individual concerns. Or a group can hire Melora for a fun and unique family Yoga or Yamuna Body Rolling® party, a work teambuilding event, or a friends social gathering. Melora enjoys creating wonderful experiences for these types of group events.


For more information or to schedule a private lesson or group class, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or e-mail Melora at


"OMG! My body feels great this morning! My hand did not go numb last night! I can’t even believe that! I am almost hesitant to say that because who knows what tomorrow will bring, however, for today I am feeling grateful and pain free!"
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