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Yamuna Body Rolling® uses patented balls of various sizes and densities to knead out body tension. The balls provide direct bone density stimulation, elongation and alignment of muscles, immediate feedback of where we are stuck, and a feeling of spaciousness in our joints. The many, simple, yet powerful routines release tension, break up adhesions, and energize all areas of the body.   An ideal practice for everyone, at all fitness levels, for dramatic and immediate results.  Carefully planned routines match the body's own logic and order to re-educate one's innate body awareness. 

Specially designed 4-10 inch balls will help you;

Increase muscle length
Create joint mobility
Promote healing of injuries
Tone muscles and build core strength
Energize nerve roots and vital organs
Dislodge tension and discomfort
Enhance blood flow
Stimulate bone growth

Classes are online every Tuesday evening 5:30-6:45pm! Sign up at for any class or get a discount when you sign up for all!  Email Melora if you want to purchase balls

Tuesday’s  Last 2 at 5:15pm - 6:30


-Feb 21    Deeper Hip Release

-Mar 7      Core Strength and Length


Next session will start at 5:30pm - 6:45, online once per month;


-April 25    Psoas Release

-May 30     Neck and Shoulder Opening

-June 27    Target the Hips and Legs

-July 25     Face and Shoulder/Neck Support

-Aug 29     Re-Balance the Hips and Spine


                                Scarborough Yoga in Person


Yamuna Body Rolling classes are selling out at Scarborough Yoga, 433 RT 1, so we added more!

Here is the whole schedule, pre-register early to reserve space at


- Feb 19    Pelvic Floor Support - 1st in person class, bring a folding chair!

- Mar 5      Core Strength and Length

- Mar 12    Upper Back and Neck Freedom

- April 23   Target the Hips and Legs

- April 30   ReBalance the Hips and Spine

- May 28    Massage the Internal Organs

                               Train Your Inner Athlete  In Person at Westbrook Community Center


In Person Yamuna Body Rolling  5:30-6:45pm

Register at:


-March 15   Target the Hips and Legs

-April 19      Re-Balance Hips and Spine 



Leg Muscles and Sciatica Relief

Release tight hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, iliotibial band, and buttock muscles to create muscle length and free the pull on the lower back, pelvis and knees. Learn the routine developed to help relieve sciatic pain.


Neck and Shoulder Release

Lift the chest, widen the collarbones, free neck stiffness and release tightness in the pectorals and shoulders. Lengthen your spine and feel more mobile and spacious in the upper body. Good for rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, and neck issues.

Low and Mid Back Saver

Create spinal length, traction the spine while developing core strength, and release back tension. Good for compressed disks, tight psoas and illiacus, and digestion. Feel spacious, taller and stronger after elongating the back, sides and front of the torso.

Feet, Ankles and Knees

Restore healthy foot function by creating balance, flexibility, strength, and raised arches. Work on ankle mobility and lengthen and tone calf and shin muscles. Develop long and strong adductor and quadricep muscles to stabilize the knee.

Upper Back and Neck Freedom

Unravel the chronic holding patterns which cause the thoracic spine to round because of postural habits, lift the breast bone, go deep into the pectoral attachments, armpit adhesions, ribs and shoulder blades. Free the front rib cage to lift allowing the neck to reposition and find ease.

Deep Hip Release

Release tightness from the deep lateral rotators, tone the buttocks, work out tight hamstrings, adductors and iliotibial bands, freeing the leg attachments to the pelvis. Bring circulation to entire ball/socket joint. Great for sciatica relief, arthritis, low back, hip and knee issues.

Core Strength

Tone the abdominals, back core muscles, buttock, and pelvic floor using the balls to keep safe and to traction the spine. Gravity and a sedentary lifestyle can cause abdominal organs to drop into the lower abdomen, weakening it and consequently also the lower back. Lift the organs back into place, release the anterior spine and the psoas muscle, taking pressure out of the low back. Good for sacral problems, stimulating organs, strengthening and lengthening core muscles.

Target the Hips and Legs

Work the sides of the legs intensely on the IT bands, adductors and calves. Experience deep outer hip and buttock muscle release, and also quadricep and hamstring lengthening. Work slowly and deeply to free hips, sciatica, illiotibial bands and unravel leg strain all the way to the feet.

Balanced Hips and Spine

Release tension and holding patterns in the entire spine from the tailbone to the skull. Also work the gluteals and hip joints, the hamstrings, and the front of the pelvis to stimulate a letting go of the adductors, and psoas. Great for back and neck issues, as well as tight hip flexors and hamstrings.

Shoulder Support

Allow the ball to target and release chronically held tightness in all areas of the shoulders. Designed to do in bed, using gravity and time, the shoulders relax, the trapezius is melted and the neck is  positively affected.

Release the Psoas

Systematically release the psoas and illiacus from origin to insertion. Good for back issues, intestinal health, weak or tight hip flexors, deep inner groin opening, adductor stimulation, abdominal toning, and lower/mid back health. Release the leg and arm attachments to feel longer and more spacious.

Hands, Wrists, Arms and Shoulders

Relieve stress from repetitive motion. All work that we do contracts hand muscles. Connect the movements at the ends of the muscle chains, the hands, up through the forearm to their source at the shoulders. Great for arthritis, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel.

Power of Breath

Create space and freedom in the rib cage on all sides, allowing the lungs the room to expand to capacity. Use a yoga breathing technique and the balls to become aware of the fullness and flexibility of the breath, to support us from the inside out. Increase energy, stamina, and enhance your immune system.

Yamuna and Yoga

Use the Yamuna Body Rolling® tools to enhance yoga postures. Set a solid, strong foundation, toning and connecting the feet all the way up the body. Use the balls as supports, stretching aides, and alignment props to foster greater awareness of the body.

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