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Balls are available to purchase from Melora!

  • 2x Indigo : $45

  • Black: $20

  • Pearl: $25

  • Silver: $26

  • Gold: $25

  • Face Balls with online video: $75

  • Pump: $20

  • Foot/Hand Wakers: $55

Please use Venmo camera scan to the right and note ball choice as reference, then e-mail Melora to arrange pickup or delivery for an extra $10.

2024 Online Classes
Yamuna Body Rolling®
Tuesdays 5:15 - 6:30pm

  • Feb 27  Chest Release, Breath Work

  • Mar 12  Core Strength and Length, good for Hip Flexors

  • Mar 26  Deep Hip Release

  • April 9   Balance Hips and Spine

  • May 14  Upper Back and Neck Freedom

  • May 28  Deeper Hip Exploration

Click on this link and use Passcode 876095 to join Tuesday's at 5:10pm:


$25 per drop in

Please pay via Venmo to Melora-Gregory with the class day as reference.


Smartphone camera scan to pay:





Thank you!

In-Person Workshops

Sign-up with each studio by clicking below

​$25-30 each

Wear close fitting clothing

 Bring any Yamuna Balls you may have, or Melora will provide them

Scarborough Yoga
433 Rt 1 Scarborough, Maine
Sundays 11-12:15pm

  • Feb 25  Target the Legs and Hips

  • Mar 10  Front Body Opening/Organ Stimulation

  • Mar 24  Feet (Must purchase Foot Wakers in Advance; contact Melora)

  • May 19  Deeper Hip Exploration

  • June 2   Shoulder Support


Leaping Waters 
146 Ocean Road, South Portland
Saturdays 11:30-12:45pm

  • March 30    Pelvic Floor

  • May 18     Target Hips and Legs


Train Your Inner Athlete
Westbrook Community Center
Wednesdays 5:30-6:45pm

  • Feb 21  Pelvic Floor

  • Mar 20  Upper Back and Neck Freedom

  • April 3   Core Strength and Length

  • May 22  Balance Hips and Spine

About Yamuna Body Rolling®

Powerful Yamuna Body Rolling® routines release tension, break up adhesions, and energize the whole body.  This unique approach to body fitness combines direct bone stimulation, elongation and alignment of muscles, immediate feedback of where we are stuck and a feeling of spaciousness in our joints. We will use balls of various sizes and densities to knead out tightness.

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